Strengthening Families Through Therapeutic Groups & Classes

We know how important it is for you and your child to be connected with other families who are working towards the same goals. We understand how challenging it is to find quality groups and classes.

You are not alone, we are here to help.

At CDI, we offer Therapeutic Groups and Classes, which provide a unique opportunity for families, infants and children to learn and grow in a social setting while having the support of trained professionals.

Sensory Play Groups (Infants/Toddlers):
For ages 0-36 mos and their parent/caregiver(s).  This group is led by an Occupational Therapist who will lead you and your child in activities that engage all of your child’s individualized senses! Each week a new sensory system is explored using play-based, developmentally appropriate activities including: sound, touch, smell and movement senses to help your child develop curiosity, explore new sensory experiences and create friendships.
Fridays: Toddlers at 9:30am and 2:00pm
                  Infants at 10:30am @ CDI Reseda (1 hr class)

Music and Movement Group:
For ages 12-36 mos and their parent/caregiver(s).  This group is led by an Occupational Therapist and professional musician and will lead you and your child in exploring different styles of music and instruments. Music is a universal tool in supporting regulation, connection and communication. Through exploring movement and music, this group is surely going to be FUN and an excellent opportunity to meet new friends!
Wednesdays: 11:00am-12:00pm @ CDI Reseda

Pricing*: $200 for 6 week series, or individual classes available for $40/class drop-in price 

*If your child is a NICU graduate, contact CDI to see if they qualify for a free series (818) 888-4559. 
(NICU code is limited to 1 use/1 Free Series per child).

Children sitting in a circle around a bucket of colorful toys

Social Skills Groups
For ages 2 – 8 years*. CDI offers several different groups for children working on their social skills with peers. Using a play-based approach, therapists focus on helping children build self-regulation, attention, peer engagement, communication, and problem-solving skills. Groups meet weekly for 1.5 hours. *Separate groups are offered for different age ranges of infants and children. 

Preschool Readiness Group
CDI’s Preschool Readiness Group (ages 2.5-4 years). Preschool Readiness Group supports age-appropriate skills in motor skills, practice following simple routines, peer engagement, and social-emotional development. Children and families will be provided tools and strategies from a Licensed Occupational Therapist to make a successful transition into preschool, while making new friends along the way! 

Ready, Set Write (Handwriting Group)
Handwriting development class for ages 4- 5 year olds.  Support your child’s pre-handwriting/handwriting skills by signing them up for this fun and educational class with CDI’s Occupational Therapy team!  Each class offers a holistic approach to developing fine motor and letter formation skills by integrating multi-sensory modalities with components from Handwriting Without Tears®.  

Parenting Pals
Tailored for infants (0-12 months) and their parent/caregivers, this group prioritizes mental wellness and community support. Engage in meaningful conversations aimed at nurturing co-regulation and fostering emotional bonds. Build a strong sense of community as we explore mindfulness practices and share experiences to navigate the journey of early parenthood with mutual understanding and support. (1 hr class)
Fridays: 3:00pm @ CDI Reseda

Series 1: May 3 – June 7
Series 2: July 12 – Aug 16
Series 3: Aug 23 – Sept 27

Pricing*: $200 for 6 week series
*If your child is a NICU graduate, contact CDI to see if they qualify for a free series (818) 888-4559.  (NICU code is limited to 1 use/1 Free Series per child).

Infant Massage
An introductory 3-class-series for caregivers and baby, taught by a Licensed Occupational Therapist and Certified Infant Massage instructor. Caregivers will learn infant massage techniques and strategies to promote relaxation, improve sleep and digestion, enhance attachment and help you and your baby connect through the power of calming touch. 
*If you are interested in a private infant massage class, please contact CDI. Classes can be virtual or in-person.

What makes Therapeutic Groups at CDI different?

Family Focused: CDI therapists know how vital parental participation and education is regarding early child development. We partner with YOU as the expert on your child.

“Whole Child” Integrated Approach: We approach children holistically considering their individual developmental needs. Our therapists have training in multiple areas of child development and they work together with parents to determine how best to support their child and family.

Research-driven, Innovative: Our relationship-based model is based on years of early child development research and brain science. CDI therapists use evidenced based practices such as DIR/Floortime and Strengthening Families.

Social, Play-Based: Children and families are given opportunities to play within a social setting which allows them to practice the skills they are learning.

The Social-Skills Group was great for my son and our family. The first time we went, I noticed that he didn’t like playing with other kids. Little by little I saw him learning to sit, to transition. He started helping bring out mats. He learned to trust that more fun was coming when one activity was finished. He even started mentioning ‘his friends’ from group.

– Carol
CDI Parent