Strengthening Families Through Speech & Language Therapy

Is your child having difficulty making certain sounds, following directions, or engaging in conversation?
Is your child falling behind the speech and language milestones?

We understand how disheartening it can be when your child can’t communicate as well as his/her peers. When speech, language and communication skills are delayed or not developing in a typical manner, speech and language therapy may be beneficial to your child.

CDI’s speech therapists are licensed professionals prepared to join you and your child in improving communication and address delays.

What makes Speech and Language Therapy at CDI different?

  • “Whole Child” Approach: As a parent, you might only notice that your child isn’t speaking; however, sometimes when we assess a child we discover other developmental challenges. Within the framework of CDI’s “whole child” approach, our therapists have the tools to make a greater impact on the growth of your child by consulting with our multidisciplinary team to get them the support they need in all developmental areas.
  • Family Focused: Parents are included in our sessions and they do the therapy side by side with us.
  • Reflective Model: We work with parents to help them identify challenges and come up with creative ways to improve their child’s speech and language. Parents are empowered with effective tools to continue helping their child at home.
  • Total Communication Approach: Depending on the particular needs of a child, we may use several different ways to help your child communicate. Some of these include: gestures, sign language, pictures, written words, spoken words, and iPads and/or ACC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) devices.

Our therapists evaluate and provide treatment for infants and children with delays in areas of articulation, phonology, receptive and expressive language, feeding/swallowing, oral motor, fluency, auditory processing, social language, and cognitive skills.

See if your child is meeting the speech milestones on the Speech Development Chart.

CDI’s Speech and Language Therapists receive training and/or certification in:

Hanen Program
PROMPTS for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets

People think of speech therapy as a separate entity from child development, but really it is just one piece of the puzzle. Developmental milestones such as regulation and engagement are the foundation and gateway to speech. When therapists from different disciplines work together at CDI, the child and parent both thrive and the potential for growth is so much greater.

– Carey Mooney
Speech & Language Pathologist