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About Child Development Institute

A leading expert for over 25 years in early child development partnered with the number one expert on your child…YOU!

Research shows that children are most successful when their parents and caregivers are well supported, informed and connected. CDI, a leading expert in early child development for over 25 years, helps children reach their full potential by focusing on strengthening families and communities in the San Fernando Valley. Using an integrated, “whole child” approach, CDI considers all factors in a child’s development – relationships, environments and communities.

Our primary focus is the child’s family. Families are the most important providers of loving relationships and nurturing environments, which provide the foundation for a child’s healthy development. We believe all families should have access to quality developmental screenings, safe play-based environments and innovative, effective intervention services.



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“Our experience with CDI was life-changing. Our Speech Pathologist and Floortime specialist worked with my son, getting him to communicate, calm down and feel safe! CDI also gave me the proper tools to assist him outside of the therapy room.”

– CDI Client

Your Family Matters!

At CDI, we strengthen families by partnering with them to help develop necessary foundations to fully thrive. We champion families as the most important providers of loving, caring relationships and the best creators of safe, nurturing environments that support healthy development.

Strengthening Families: Early Intervention Services

CDI offers a range of early intervention and therapeutic services that include: Speech, Occupational, Physical and Feeding Therapies, Sensory Integration, Developmental Support Services, Child & Family Counseling, Social Skills and Parent Support Groups.

Therapists use an integrated “whole child” approach guided by research in brain and child development science, attachment and learning theory. Parents and caregivers are empowered as active participants and collaborators in their child’s individualized treatment.

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Strengthening Families: Early Learning Center

CDI promotes healthy development at our Early Learning Center (ELC), a FREE play and learning space open to all children ages 0-6 and their families. We partner with trained volunteers and community groups to offer a variety of programs such as reading groups, nutrition classes, nature clubs, parenting workshops and more.

To further empower families with information and assistance, ELC offers free developmental screenings for children. If a child displays developmental red flags, we provide a continuum of care by linking families to community resources and following up with families to ensure they get the support their child needs.

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Strengthening Communities: Partnerships, Professional Training & Advocacy

A strong, healthy community views children as the future and invests in their healthy development. At CDI, we strengthen communities by inviting collaboration with nonprofits, businesses, institutes for higher education and community members. Together, with our partners, we are paving the way for a more connected, intentional and nurturing community.

As a leading resource on early child development, we provide training to professionals to enhance their effectiveness and create lasting impact. CDI also advises many groups on best practices for the care and wellbeing of infants and young children.

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“At CDI, we believe that every child deserves the chance to grow, thrive and bring their unique, innate gifts to the world; however, the most vulnerable children in our communities, those who have developmental challenges and/or face risks from adverse life circumstances, are often the most abandoned and left without the crucial opportunities needed to reach their fullest potential. With your help, we are shifting that bleak picture.”

– Joan Maltese PhD

“If you want to have a strong family to support the development of children, you must have a strong community and places where families and community can intersect. Establishing a network in the community is central to making CDI successful and the leadership at CDI is doing that.”

– Dr. David Boyns, CSUN Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing