Strengthening Families Through Evaluation & Screening

Are you concerned that your child is missing developmental milestones?
If your child was assessed by warm, caring professionals, would you have more peace of mind?
Do you feel that you have the tools necessary to be an educated advocate on behalf of your child’s development?

We are here to help.

Child Development Institute provides developmental screenings, assessments and evaluations. Each has a different purposes and can be used to follow-up with your child’s pediatrician, Regional Center eligibility or for your child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Is your child meeting developmental milestones?

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I am passionate about the work of CDI because I have been down that road, I know what it’s like. There is nothing worse than knowing there is an issue with your child. To get that support you need for you and your family is critical. The fact that CDI offers screenings and assessments at an early age is critical and life changing.

– Susan Du Brin, CDI Board Member

Developmental Screening

Developmental Screening is a quick, general measure of your child’s development. CDI uses the following standardized screening tools:

  • Parent Evaluation Developmental Screening (PEDS)
  • Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ)
  • Ages and Stages Questionnaire – Social Emotional (ASQ/SE)
  • The Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (MCHAT)
  • Survey of Well-being of Young Children (SWYC)

Screening helps identify whether your child needs further evaluation to determine if your child has a developmental delay or disability.

Developmental screenings do not diagnose. Screenings provide an overview of your child’s strengths and needs. They can also help parents, caregivers and teachers know how to best prepare children for school.


Assessments are specific to developmental domains – speech, motor, sensory processing, feeding, social/emotional and cognitive. Assessments measure your child’s level of functioning in a specific area.
CDI offers the following assessments:

  • Speech and Language (receptive and expressive communication)
  • Physical Development (fine and gross motor)
  • Sensory Processing
  • Feeding
  • Social-Emotional/Behavioral

Many assessments are covered by insurance, or other funding sources like the Regional Center or the School District.

More information on CDI’s funding sources >


Evaluations identify a child’s needs in all areas of development and can determine the existence of a delay or disability. A developmental evaluation focuses on the whole child, targeting the following domains:

  • Cognitive
  • Speech/Communication (receptive and expressive language)
  • Physical (fine and gross motor)
  • Social-Emotional
  • Self Help (adaptive)

Evaluations are completed through play observations and standardized tests that present your child with specific tasks to determine areas of strength and weakness.

Developmental evaluations are not covered by medical insurance.  However, if your child is under 3, he/she may be eligible to receive Regional Center Funding for CDI to complete the developmental assessment.

More information on CDI’s funding sources >