Strengthening Families Through Occupational Therapy

Is your child struggling to participate in daily routines, do they seem to need extra support navigating new environments or exploring sensory-based activities? At CDI, we want what you want – what’s best for your child. CDI Occupational Therapists utilize the most up-to-date evidenced-based treatment approaches to work with your family in a warm and collaborative manner. Our OTs will build on your child’s strengths through play and exploration to improve sensory and motor development.

Occupational therapy is focused on “occupation” – meaningful and purposeful activities that a person participates in throughout the day. An occupational therapist will focus on a child’s sensory, gross and fine motor, visual perceptual, social and cognitive development to enhance their participation in age appropriate activities.

Our nurturing, professional therapists design programs to facilitate the underlying skills necessary for learning and for participation in daily activities.

What makes Occupational Therapy at CDI different?

“Whole Child” Approach: Research supports the importance of integrating multiple developmental areas for one child. At CDI, occupational therapy is not achieved within a vacuum but rather a robust integrated environment with input from other areas or early child development domains.

Family Focused: For over 20 years, we have observed how important parent inclusion and support is within our therapies for children. Therapy sessions with professional therapists are important, but your child will be most successful when you are involved. We instruct parents how to continue therapy and integrate various exercises and activities at home.

Innovative, Individualized Approach: Our creative therapists understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to occupational therapy. Their goal is to use their training and knowledge of best-practices in Pediatric Occupational Therapy to create an individualized plan that works for your child and family.

Engaging & Fun Environment: Children at CDI get to use a variety of sensory driven activities including trampolines, obstacle courses, balls, rock climbing, as well as table-top activities like shaving cream, sand, finger painting, and more.

See the signs that your child might need Occupational Therapy 

Benefits from Occupational Therapy

  • Eye contact and social engagement
  • Improved attention and focus
  • Balance, posture and coordination
  • Self-help skills, self feeding, dressing and bathing
  • Fine motor skills – handwriting, toy manipulation, dressing, utensil
  • Gross motor skills – crawling, climbing, jumping
  • Self-regulation and ability to tolerate changes in the environment
  • Feeding, reduced picky eating
  • Sensory processing – textures, temperatures or sounds

Occupational therapy is one form of therapy that truly supports the whole child. It provides strategies for strengthening, regulation, motor skill development and sensory processing. Understanding a child’s area of need and how it impacts their daily occupations is where the relationship begins. Understanding best ways to support a child and their family is where the relationship strengthens.

– Lisa Ferch 
CDI Occupational Therapist