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Support Young Children and Promote Your Business Throughout the Valley

Child Development Institute’s (CDI) Block Party Celebration is back, and we are honoring our local heroes who worked throughout the pandemic to ensure that children would have a safe and beautiful place to play and learn when the safety protocols were lifted. CDI’s Annual fundraiser brings together influential local leaders, professionals, and community members to celebrate CDI’s work in supporting children and strengthening families to succeed through early learning and early intervention services.

Sponsor CDI’s Enjoyable Event and Enhance Your Reach in the Community

CDI’s 2023 Dream Builders Block Party will be a fabulous celebration recalling the simple fun of the 50’s (think Jukebox, diners, and simpler times) while looking ahead to building bright futures for our children. We will recognize the builders, designers, and supporters that literally built our dream campus in Reseda under unprecedented constraints and stress. As a sponsor of this event, you have an exclusive marketing opportunity to reach larger audiences and promote your business to an extensive network, including 5,000 leaders, families, and community members throughout the San Fernando Valley – while investing in the lives of our most vulnerable children and ensuring the health of our future community.

Building Bright Futures for Vulnerable Children

Our strong and caring community has always been the key to our success, keeping the dream alive when so many doors were closing. Your generosity has allowed CDI’s Early Learning Centers to provide a safe and welcoming environment where children thrive, and their families discover resources and friendships that foster resilience. We rely on your continued support to ensure that our children grow up in a community where children really matter. Together we can all help children reach their full potential and develop the resilience and caring that will keep the dream alive for future generations and our community.

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Thank you to our Sponsors!

Our sponsors make a lasting impression on the lives of children and families by providing much-needed funds to provide developmental screenings, intervention and support.

For over 27 years, CDI has served as one of the principal providers of relationship-based early intervention and therapeutic services to children and their families in the San Fernando Valley. We ensure underserved communities have extensive support through free educational classes, developmental screenings, community resources, safe play spaces for learning through the Early Learning Centers and outdoor play areas. To learn more about our mission and all that we offer, please click here.

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