New Early Learning  Center in Reseda

We are thrilled to impact the lives of an additional 10,000 children and their families with the development of The Early Center in Reseda. This new Center is near completion!  We are excited to bring this collaborative effort to the Reseda community and provide comprehensive child and family health and well-being services to the San Fernando Valley. The multimillion-dollar project has been a labor of love and reinforces our commitment to strengthen families and help children reach their full potential.

With a few more steps to go. It’s not too late to join this effort by donating towards the final touches to complete this exterior landscape for the capital project.

We look forward to opening our doors this year and welcoming you!

Community need:

  • Less than 1% of children in our surrounding communities are receiving intervention services.
  • 40% of families have developmental concerns about their child and do not know where to turn for help.
  • 65% of children in our surrounding communities have at least one risk factor known to increase the chance of poor health and developmental delays.
ELC Family Walkthrough

We are working to expand our footprint in the San Fernando Valley, by opening a new site in Reseda. A former 1950’s church will become home to CDI headquarters and include an Early Learning Center, CDI Early Intervention Programs, child care, a community conference room and an innovative learning center for not-for-profit collaboration. We ask that you accompany us as we stretch and embrace our neighboring communities. We are calling out for our community members to join us in focusing our priorities around families and raising children.

– Joan Maltese PhD
CDI CEO/President