Our Approach

Since its founding in 1995, CDI has worked to address the immediate need for evidence-based early child development and intervention services in San Fernando Valley. Our unique, innovative model addresses three essential levels of care – promotion, prevention and intervention – creating a single point of access to care that ensures transparency and coordination among all of our services.

Promotion: All children need access to safe and developmentally appropriate environments. At CDI Early Learning Center (ELC), families enjoy our free play and learning programs open to ALL children ages 0-6. Families access vital resources on healthy development and nutrition in a developmentally appropriate environment.

Focusing on the environments that shape early learning, CDI establishes meaningful partnerships with community stakeholders – paving the way for a more connected, intentional community focused on strengthening families.

Prevention: Many children are at risk for developmental delays due to environmental and biological risks. When families and children have concerns and need additional support, CDI Early Learning Center (ELC), offer free developmental screenings and referrals. ELC offers a wide range of developmentally appropriate, fun activities and programs delivered by trained volunteers and staff for young children and their families.

Intervention: When children have been identified with risk or developmental delay, CDI provides high-quality, relationship-based early intervention and therapeutic services facilitated by trained professionals. Therapists use an integrated approach guided by research in brain and child development science, attachment and learning theory. Parents and caregivers are empowered as active participants and collaborators in their child’s individualized treatment.

Core Values

Relationship-Based: CDI focuses on the development of the whole child, including his or her early relationships, environments and communities. CDI is known for building meaningful relationships. Based on feedback from participating families, families are 98% satisfied with their experience with CDI. Many cite the importance CDI places on building relationships with children and families. When parents and children participate in therapies and play together, their relationship is positively impacted. Additionally, CDI facilitates community collaboration with partners that offer resources and services to enhance the health and wellbeing of all children.

Inclusive: ALL young children and their parents are warmly welcomed at CDI. We provide services and support for children of ALL abilities. Additionally, services are inclusive of the entire child and support their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Innovative: As a core belief of the organization, CDI works to include innovative and emerging therapies into their service repertoire. Staff and therapists are encouraged to continue learning about best practices and learn to incorporate their findings.

I am so grateful to CDI for being such a professional and caring agency and for having staff members who are so well trained and passionate about what they do.  Everyone had Payton’s best interests at heart.  The therapists truly cared about Payton and always gave their all to help her.  As a result of that, Payton made so much progress.  I would not hesitate to recommend CDI to anyone and am certain that all that Payton learned during her time at CDI will serve her not only now, but well into her future.

Michele, Payton’s Mom