Impact Families’ Lives. Develop Valuable Skills. Contribute to Your Community.

The CDI Early Learning Center is run and facilitated by community volunteers; neighbors, high school students, college service-learning interns, and more. All volunteers and interns are trained in family engagement. Volunteering at the ELC is a great way to build skills and work experience while engaging with families and reaching out to the community.

The CDI Early Learning Center connects students (university, community college, high school), community members and service groups, and business leaders to internships and volunteer opportunities that utilize individual skills and interests to support young children and serve families in a variety of ways. You will help young children and families discover the magic of play to support school-readiness.

  • All types of work experiences are welcome
  • No experience working with kids?
  • Flexible schedule during hours of operation
  • Opportunities available in event planning, landscaping and social media
  • Corporate and organizational service days available

Child Development Institute provides you with:

  • Fun, dynamic training about early development, family support and activity development.
  • Roundtables, ‘get togethers’ and event nights just for volunteers to talk about ideas and build community.
  • Workshops and mentorships that help translate your volunteer work into building your resume, applying for school, applying for jobs in early childcare and education, and networking through community outreach.

Make A Difference Today!

We all have something to contribute to our community! Volunteer and become part of our incredible team. Your time and support are such a valuable and vital aspect of our ability to provide high-quality play and learning experiences for kids and families. Helping families discover the Early Learning Center and build relationships is a fun and fulfilling way to change children’s lives – maybe even your own.

Wondering how to volunteer for CDI? Contact us at 818-712-0453 or by using the form below.

Volunteers with kids
ELC group of kids playing

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    My enjoyment comes when I get to work with kids. I love getting down to their level to play and interact with them. I now have mutual recognition with at least 90% of the kids that come in to the ELC. We work on crafts. We stack blocks, lots of blocks. We work on train tracks together. It’s very fulfilling work. I also enjoy interacting with parents. I think the parents like to see someone a bit older. They trust me and see the value of the safe environment that is created. I’m always being thanked. Everything that is done at CDI is wonderful.

    – Ron “Mr. Ron” Roscoe

    Thank you to our volunteers!

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