A Strength-Based, Family Centered Approach to Developmental Screenings

CDI’s Developmental Screening Certificate Program is a comprehensive training that prepares individuals and organizations working with infants and young children to deliver developmental screenings. The training is designed using a developmental systems model and include research-informed and practical information, reflective practice, and hands-on experience.

Developmental Screenings can be implemented into early childcare and education programs to provide child and family support based on individual needs. Screening tools can help monitor for developmental progress, delays, potential red-flags for autism, maternal depression, and family needs.  For more information on the difference between developmental screenings and evaluations, click here.

Training Requirements:

Participants receive a minimum of 10 hours of direct training, using a Strengthening Families approach and cultural considerations to understand the benefits of developmental screeners. Through hands-on practice and role-plays, participants will become proficient in the following screeners:

Participants will develop the skills to administer and score the screeners as well as sensitively communicate the results and share community resources and referrals based on individual family needs.

Practicum Requirements:

Participants complete 20 hours of practicum training through hands-on learning with experienced mentors during the screening days at the CDI Early Learning Center.  Practicum hours are structured to build confidence and experience with delivering developmental screeners to a variety of children and families.


Certificates of completion will be awarded after 10 hours of training classes and 20 practicum hours are completed.

Enrollment Fee: $200

Contact Kimberly D’Agostino for more information or to sign up for the Certificate Program.