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Activities You Can Do At Home
 – From CDI’s Occupational Therapists

Proprioceptive Input

TugSensations from joints, muscles and connective tissues that lead to body awareness can be obtained by lifting, pushing, and pulling heavy objects as well as by engaging in activities that compress (push together) or distract (pull apart) the joints.

– Tug of war    

– Make a “sandwich” by firmly pressing on your child’s arms legs and back with pillows


– Make a “burrito” by rolling child up in a blanket   

– Push a stroller or cart filled with weighted objects such as groceries

– Jump on a mini-trampoline    

– Wear a backpack or fanny pack filled with toys (not too heavy!)


[notice]More information: Child Development Institute is available to answer any of your questions about occupational therapy and to listen to your concerns about your child’s development. For more information on Occupation Therapy, email Director of Clinical Services, Tessa Graham or call 818-888-4559.[/notice]