Dear Garden Club!

April is a magic time, the height of spring!  Even in our drought year, flowers are blooming and the weather is sWeed 2 till mild enough to get out and take a walk around an old neighborhood, visit botanical gardens, or enjoy wildflowers in their moment of greatest glory. Take along your phone to get ideas for your garden (or ours!)

April is our second spring-planting month, but is less demanding than the first.  If you did most of your spring planting in March, relax now and enjoy the fruits of your labor. If not, there’s still time to catch up on jobs that went undone.

It’s warm enough to sprout seeds quickly but not hot enough to scorch seedlings.  Do you know what this means?  Of course, weeds!

Which brings us to a very interesting question: what is a weed?

Weed 1I’ll leave you to think about this, but it may be a great question to ask your children.  Often, they give quite insightful answers. 🙂  We’ll examine some common weeds from the garden, and talk about what it is that makes them a weed.  We’ll also discuss the concept of seed dormancy, and how it is possible to spend an entire afternoon weeding a patch of ground only to have it flush with new weeds the next week.  (It may also give you some clues as to why some of your wildflower bombs have not sprouted).

See you in Gardening club this Friday.