Dear Garden Club,

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men happens and we are recovering from colds in our household.  The great thing about being sick is that you get to stay home and get some creative projects accomplished.  Keep your eyes open to what’s new in the garden (it will be obvious).

sproutingSo due to my schedule for the rest of March, our gardening club activity this week (and next) will be to getting our garden into tip top shape to give us lots of summer vegetables!  I have tomatoes, eggplants, and Tom’s sweet potatoes, as well as some sunflower and bean seeds for the children to sow.  Who is Tom?  Tom is just like everyone here, except that he has sweet potatoes and he gave clippings some to me that I spent the last 2 weeks rooting.  (It’s fun!  You should do it with your kids sometimes–roots grow out of stems and if you are motivated enough, you can talk about stem cells in all its pun-filled glory.)

If you have some extra seedlings, by all means, bring it.  The only criteria is that 1) there is no visible disease or insect infestation and 2) you aren’t using insecticides or pesticides on or near the plant.  I’m also setting out a seed-share box, with some seed packets for you to look through.  I will try to keep the seeds appropriate for immediate planting, and you should always take time to read online about the vegetable before committing to it. Vegetables are pets!  Luckily, they are usually very quiet and only need infrequent watering (even less care if you install a drip line.)

 For those of you that have missed classes, or missed writing in your journals, this is a good time to fill up the journals or to start one if you haven’t yet started one.

 See you tomorrow at 9:30!  Bring clothes you are ok with getting some dirt on!