Dear Gardening Club!

May this email find you well and enjoying the cleaner air from this weekend’s rain.  Unfortunately we need lots more rain to get out of our drought, but every little bit helps.

Garden Club JournalsThis week’s activity has a goal for gaining a long-term view of the growing season, and the growth of all CDI’s gardeners!  We’ll be making a journal to record major events during the year, such as planting, growing, and harvesting.  Since the process from seed to harvest is over several months, a journal links the pea planted in November to the towering vines in February.  We’d like to keep the journals at CDI, so that they’ll be ready to use for our activities, so don’t forget to put your first name and last initial (and your child’s name and last initial) on the inside cover.

If you garden at home, having a journal will help you keep track of what works (and what doesn’t) in your garden.  Many times, we’ve forgotten the pitfalls of last year as we gaze upon the shiny new garden catalogs of 2014.  A journal will remind us that while the local birds ruthlessly attack spinach, they avoid chard like the plague.  It can be as simple as post-it notes on your seed packets to a dated picture-filled scrapbook.

If you don’t garden at home, but would like to garden, you can request a small plot at CDI to try your hand!  I can section off the area with string or you can choose a pocket on our hanging garden in the outer zoo garden play area.  If you are interested, please email me or Allie and we’ll give you all the info needed.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s week and as Joan (CDI’s CEO) mentioned, there is not just the love between couples, but also the love between friends and community which we should celebrate this week!

See you this Friday 9:30 in the garden!

ELC Mom, Master Gardener, Parent Ambassador & Garden Club Coordinator