G1Dear Garden Club Friends,

Happy new year and I hope you are all revitalized from the holidays (or relieved they are over).  With the unseasonably warm weather, my thoughts have focused less on indoor activities and more on getting outside to enjoy the Mediterranean weather.

So welcome back to Garden Club Thursdays.  The time has changed to 10AM. In addition, the format of the class will change a little bit from your feedback (thanks!)

We’ll have an art activity for 10-15 minutes to let everyone get to CDI before the class starts.  Then we can talk for 5-6 minutes about an aspect of our garden (the children can continue with the art project, of course), followed by a hands-on experience in the garden.

This week we will decorate some wooden figures and glue a”magic” bean to it.  As the glue is drying, I’ll discuss growingpeas as an early spring vegetable.  Then everyone can harvest 1-2 peas from our pea plant which was planted back in November.  (To give you a feel on how long from seed to harvest is 60 days).

Julie also forwarded me a class which sounds really interesting–I’m going to try signing up!  Gardening club is

Garden 3

bolstered by information from everyone–that’s what makes gardening so unique.

Hope to see you soon!

Pin-pin Wei
ELC Mom, Parent Ambassador & Garden Club Coordinator

Join in the Garden Club, Thursdays starting at 10am at the CDI Early Learning Center!

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