Dear Garden Club,

Playing in DirtHappy first week of April!  A huge thanks for all of your help in cleaning up the inner and outer garden.  Attacking the garden early in spring is not only more pleasant in the cool weather, but helps keep weeds from becoming established.  Your help definitely helps CDI and getting a little bit of our pesticide-free, herbicide-free organic dirt under your nails is not only good for your mind, but also good for your child’s developing immune system.  Once everyone is covered in dirt, plain soap and water are all that needed to clean up afterwards.

This week we are going to sow some chive seeds in our garden and make a little planter for chives for you to take home.  Chives are extremely suitable for growing in small pots or other mini-gardens. They don’t need full sun, but they do fine in full sun, and don’t need much watering once they get established.  Best of all, they don’t require much fertilizer and almost no pests will touch them.

ChivesChives grow in clumps, so you don’t need to thin unless you are dividing plants.  I see people plant society garlic, which is also part of the Allium family as border decorations.  You might as well substitute chives!

See you this Friday at 9:30AM!  Try to come a little bit early, as our art project uses glue, which needs a little bit of time to dry before we add our soil!

ELC Mom, Master Gardener, Parent Ambassador & Garden Club Coordinator