RehearsalSocial Skills Tip of the Day – The Power of Rehearsal
 – Megan Lange, MA, ED, CDI Theraputic Group Specialist

Rehearsing scenarios before entering a social situation is a powerful tool to support your child.   If you are going out to eat, role- play you being the waiter/cashier and taking your child’s order.  Have your child use his highest level of communication to place his order; verbally, pointing, etc.  If possible, make pretend menus with your child by cutting out his favorite foods and pasting them on a paper or get copies of menus from his favorite restaurants to practice with.  After a while, switch roles with him and he can be the waiter/cashier and you can place your order with him.  Let your imaginations go wild and play restaurant.  Include opportunities to reinforce good table manners.

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