23 Ways to Show Your Child Love
Megan Lange, MA, ED, CDI Theraputic Group Specialist

  1.  parents-kissing-babyTurn off the television.
  2. Take a walk after dinner.
  3. Write them a note or draw them a picture and put it in their lunch.
  4. Go for a slow walk in nature and let them to explore for as long as they want.  Get down and look at what they are looking at.  Wonder about how and why they world works with them.
  5. Make them laugh each day.
  6. Get down to their level and make eye contact to talk with them when you are telling them something important.
  7. Have a picnic on the living room floor.
  8. Holding-Kids-Back-in-School-RM-articleHave a day where they can eat whatever they want for dinner.
  9. Watch their favorite movie with them.  Make popcorn and let them add flavors- parmesan cheese, butter and brown sugar etc. 
  10. Let them name their creation.
  11. Let them pour extra bubbles in the bath.
  12. Put on silly clothes and have a dance party.
  13. Make up a little game-just between you and them Ex: Alternate telling each other how much you love each other.  “I love you as much as the tallest mountain”, “I love you as much as candy is sweet”
  14. Make up a hand sign that means “I love you” so they can see it when you can’t say it.
  15. Make cookies together and bring them to a local senior center.
  16. Let them help you with a task or activity they ask to be a part of on the days you have extra time. 
  17. When you ask about their day, carve out a few minutes when you are not doing anything else and really listen.
  18. Make them breakfast in bed and climb in and eat it with them.
  19. parentsHoldingKids1Do log rolls down a grassy hill.
  20. Let them help in the kitchen.
  21. Read them an extra book before bed.
  22. Answer all of their “why?” questions to the best of your ability with a smile on your face– and don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know” and help them find the answer if feasible.
  23. Go for a walk on the beach together.  Sit or lay down together and close your eyes.  Talk about how the sand feels between your toes, how the air smells salty, how the waves sound coming and going…

Fill your time with moments you want to remember.  They will become the memories of your life.

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