Sharing Social Skills Tip of the Day – Sharing Toys
 – Megan Lange, MA, ED, CDI Theraputic Group Specialist

Bring sand toys, bubbles, cars, dinosaurs, a ball etc. to the park with you and your child. 

– Tell your child ahead of time that the toys are to share with other children at the park. Other children will naturally be drawn to your child if he/she is playing with something interesting. 

– Stay close enough to help facilitate sharing and bridging play themes between your child and others. 

two-boy-playingTry to help come up with a common goal for the kids if necessary. 
                     – Ex: “Do you think the dinosaurs would like to climb on a giant volcano?  Let’s see if we could build one all together.” 

– Help translate your child and other children’s intentions to each other if communication breakdowns arise.

CDI now has openings in the Under 3 Social Skills Group, Wednesdays 9:30am – 11am, click here for more info!

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